“What a wonderful way to be introduced to school! We love the teachers at TotSpot Preschool. They go above and beyond in every area and every child is made to feel loved and special. My son is always so excited to go to school and never wants leave. Ten stars!”

Amanda R., Chandler

“There is not enough nice things I could say about TotSpot Preschool. My son used to sob about going to school at his other preschool. He absolutely loves TotSpot and is learning more than ever!”

Kendra G., Gilbert

“I loved TotSpot for my little one. She would come home so excited about something she learned or how she got to be the teachers helper. The teachers are very creative and keep things fun. Their tactics and teaching style are really a good fit for kids. My younger child is attending next year and she couldn’t be more excited. I am 100% confident my children will be more than ready for kindergarten!”

Starla E., Gilbert

“CAUTION— Extreme Learning is no exaggeration. Our son asks every day— “What day is this? Is it a preschool day?” This school has it all, developmental centers, organized, super discipline strategies that will carry them over into their next classroom. Days and times of operation have been a major plus for us.”

Sharon M., Gilbert

“My daughter learned more in 3 months in Totspot Preschool than all the other preschools she has been enrolled in combined. It is an exciting learning environment that has the feel of a traditional preschool but with the results of a personalized tutoring center. Much of its success can be attributed to the wonderful instructors and the excellent curriculum. The activities they do are so creative and make learning so much fun. My daughter will be enrolled until it is time for kindergarten, at which time she will be the most prepared child in her class. Totspot Preschool is the best and I highly recommend it for your child!”

Shane B., Gilbert

“My son was only part of a structured class type program for a very short time before attending TotSpot and he did not do well at all! So when it came time for him to start preschool, naturally I was very nervous. Turns out I had absolutely NOTHING to worry about! The teachers at TotSpot did everything possible to make both me and my son more than comfortable. This has been the very best preschool experience I could have ever hoped for! I would highly recommend TotSpot to any parent seeking out the very best school experience both emotionally and academically.”

Liz R., Chandler